Sunday, March 31, 2013

Merrell Trail Glove - Review

A few days ago I starting breaking in my Merrell Barefoot Run Trail Gloves. I wore them to work a couple of times, then on Friday, went for a run. Initial impression is that they are not as comfortable as my Merrell Bare Access shoes and the Vibram soles are super hard.

The 2.8-mile shake-out run was on 80% pavement and 20%
trail. The Trail Gloves are definitely grippy and more comfortable off-road than on. I could really feel the density of the Vibram when I was on the pavement and it wasn't really enjoyable, but once on the trail, I enjoyed the grip and the soles were much less noticeable.

We'll see how these feel after I get more miles under them, but so far, I am more comfortable in my New Balance Mimimus 10 Trail shoes.

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