Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gut Check Challenge Austin - Update

The organizers of the Gut Check Challenge were kind enough shoot me a note concerning my Gut Check Challenge Austin - Recap blog and an email I sent to them after the event. Here is what they had to say:

"Thank you for contacting us. Our message wasn't meant as an apology, so much as an admission that we fell (way) short of our objective.  It was left "generic" because there
were actually people that did enjoy themselves, and we would like to have them maintain their opinions, rather than prompt them to change that by listing out shortcomings reported by others.  That being are completely right; every point you highlight in your e-mail is being addressed by our team.  The course, the food, the venue itself are all being improved.  We honestly did have a goal to have an enjoyable event.  And we do thank you for supporting us, and Make-A-Wish.  As for our Facebook comments...they were deleted because some of the feedback wasn't as constructive as yours.  We do thank you for maintaining a polite communication.  We would prefer to avoid having "back and forth" comments and retorts.  Here is an e-mail we sent to another participant pointing out our actions, going forward:   
        "We could not agree with you more!  This falls directly on our shoulders!  We will make our event better!  What we won't do, is refuse to accept responsibility, or ignore our customers!  Our organization is taking measures to ensure that none of the "snafu's" that occurred in Cedar Creek repeat themselves in San Antonio.  We are wiping our slate clean concerning all vendors and           contractors we dealt with on this event!  There will not be anything advertised that will not be delivered! This was our first event, coordinated by enthusiastic individuals that were frankly, just too "green".  Before you count us         out...let us make it right.  If you are not satisfied with our San Antonio event, then by all means, let your voice be heard...just don't base your entire review of our Organization on a single event.  Everything from the venue, to the food, to the course, to the atmosphere, itself will be improved.  Come out and enjoy an event that you deserve!  Our Zombie Apocalypse will be everything Cedar Creek wasn't."

I really appreciate the response and I am going to really try to attend the SA event to see the changes first hand. Unfortunately this event is the same weekend as the Tough Mudder Dallas which I am doing on Sunday, so doing this one will mean back to back races....

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